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Please share me the features of Parametric PLC. Is it the latest technique?

Pat Murnen

Parametric PLC is the method AutoCAD Electrical uses to build a PLC module as explained in the blog posting. It is simply a way to build many different PLC modules without having to supply a fully built library symbol for each one. AutoCAD Electrical supports inserting a full PLC module if you create your own, we just don't supply many that way. If that does not answer your question please be more specific in what you are looking for.

Dan Margulius

Hello Pat,
You say that acade supports inserting full units.
What is the workflow? What i am doing now is building trough Symbol Builder add terminals fixed PLC with description as wire connection and save the block with PLCIO prefix. Is there an easier way?

Pat Murnen


I always start with an existing unit that is similar. I might even build it using the parametric build if it is similar enough, then explode it, make any necessary changes, then save it as a .dwg to be isnerted as a full unit. The main things to remember are the "PLCIO" block name prefix which you mention and following the attribute naming rules (which I get from the existing one I start with).


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