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Dan Margulius

how can we build areport that has no catalog data and also get the sum of the components. For example I have 5 fuses in my circuit and no catalog data. If I build a component report I get 5 rows and not one. Can something be done in this matter?

Pat Murnen

Dan, without some programming in a User Post lisp I don't think this can be done. The Bill of Materials report groups components with the same catalog together. Without any catalog information AutoCAD Electrical would not know how to group them. For example, even if the same symbol is used for your five fuses, they may actually be different components depending on the rating. The Component Report is always going to list each component on a separate line as that is the purpose of that particular report, i.e. to list each component.

Dan Margulius

Yes I understand. We already have a lisp that does that but it can't create excel reports like Electrical.May be you can check this as a wishlist,let electrical count electrical blocks by name block and export to excel.
I have a few more questions about electrical. Will it be possible to send you an email? We are the reseller in Israel.

Pat Murnen

Dan, yes I will log that as a wish list item. I also will look at the available API calls to see if there might be a way to do this and pass it into the report dialog somehow, then you could save it out as a spreadsheet from there. If I come up with something I will post it as a blog article so anyone else interested can also take advantage of it.

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