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Dan Margulius

Sometimes when I use the circuit builder and I pick the following circuit>> Vertical FVNR->Configure->Motor Setup->Load set to 22kW
I click on Done and i get the error:
Template drawing markers not replaced with circuit elements will be removed. Are your sure you are done with the circuit?
I click on yes and the circuit gets stuck only with wires and no motor and no other components.
How to deal with this problem?
Thank you

Pat Murnen

Dan, good question and it made me realize I needed to explain the insertion options better and what the Done button actually does. I will be posting another blog article with more detail but for now the answer is that you didn't insert all the elements. The Done button does not insert anything. It just means quit the dialog. So if you didn't insert each circuit element you see this alert. Click No and go back and pick to Insert All or Insert each one. Some circuit elements actually insert another template which contains more circuit elements so even if you already did an Insert All you may need to go back and insert these additional elements. Look for a follow up article with pictures and more explanation but hopefully this helps.

Dan Margulius

Thank you for the reply.
I also asked a question in the Reports post.
I hope you will have time to answer to that also.
The issue is urgent for us.
Thank you,

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