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Wednesday, September 24, 2014


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Jerome Sebbag

Dear Emile,

I am very interested in the tools that Autodesk is developing for whole building energy analyses. They are very user-friendly while being physically accurate, and help the design team to make informed decisions early on when it counts the most.
I work as a green building engineer, and am involved in many LEED projects around the world. I was wondering if Autodesk's Building Performance Analysis team is working on tools to perform energy simulations compliant with LEED requirements? From a technical point of view, Revit is already able to model the building envelope, internal loads, weather and schedules. The only missing component is a detailed HVAC simulation, but I don't think it should be complicated to add such feature. What is your opinion ? I am pretty sure many people would be interested in such integrated tool.
Best regards,


FROM Emile on 10/22/14
Thank you very much for your question and for your kind words about our solutions. We are working very hard to make our solutions easy to use as well as trustworthy and we really appreciate it when our customers notice our work.

We understand that there is room for improving the HVAC systems and that what we have in Revit is not enough for some. GBS provides more options for systems beyond what Revit has but still not a comprehensive list nor the level of flexibility that is available in other products. Please check out what we have in GBS in case it helps you out and see if they are adequate for you. We are actively working on improving the level of flexibility with defining HVAC systems but unfortunately I am not able to give you exact timing or details. Please stay tuned to the Blog and we will announce it as soon as it is available.

In the mean time, I invite you to check out all the capabilities that we have announced for Greenbuild 2014 event in New Orleans.

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