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Wednesday, November 20, 2013


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A word about Climate and Location from David

The Labs installer download is restricted to certain regions for this first Labs release. However, once you get the plugin installed, the analysis itself should run on a Revit model with a 'Location' in any country where there is weather data available. This should include everywhere, as most of the world is covered by a 16 km grid of climate data locations, though some extreme regions or latitudes may not have a station as close.

To check your weather station, go to Manage > Location and choose a location. If you are logged in to 360, you will bet a map of Green Building Studio Climate Server stations to choose from. If not, a station will be chosen from a default list. Some areas don't have good coverage, but the closest station or a similar location can always be chosen.

Let me know if you have any other problems; we expect there will be some, and we are actively improving these features in response to user comments like yours.


I tried using this plug-in but am having some issues:
1. When running the analysis, I don't have an options to choose which floors to analyze. Is there a way to do that?
2. I can't change the day/time of the analysis. Is this possible?
3. The analysis results only show in LUX and I can't change it to FC from the Analysis Display Settings.
4. In the LEED 3D view, when I crop my view using the section box, the analysis results won't crop so I can't isolate a level to view individually.

Any help with these issues would be much appreciated.


Hello Justin. Here are some answers for you:

1. We locked this version to only one choice of all floors because the analysis is free for now and it doesn't take much longer to analyze the whole building than it does to analyze just a single floor. We plan to activate that dropdown in the future.

2. The tool currently only analyzes the date per the requirements for LEED 2009 IEQc8.1, which is June 21 at 3pm (and 9am in a future release). If you want generate a analysis image rendering for another time, date or sky setting, you can use the advanced Illuminance feature of 360 Rendering as described in this blog post:http://autodesk.typepad.com/bpa/2013/11/new-daylighting-analysis-in-the-cloud.html

3. The AVF results are indeed in Lux. We would also like to have them in fc and plan to do that conversion for a future release. For now, know that the conversion between lux and fc is about 10:1 (actually 10.763910417:1), so it's a pretty easy conversion to make in your head. You'll notice that the default scale for the AVF has values that equate to 10 fc and 500 fc.

4. The AVF results do not crop, that is correct. The best way to do it is to use an orthographic camera in plan view with the camera below the ceiling and the target below the floor. Instructions for doing this, and for other settings to make a good daylighting model, are in this help location on the BPAC site: http://sustainabilityworkshop.autodesk.com/buildings/revit-illuminance-simulations

Hope that helps!

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