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Tuesday, March 19, 2013


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Dale Bartlett

This is a very interesting (and valuable) development. I would like to be advised of future results and also be involved in beta testing if possible.

Jarek Siwiecki

I am quite excited about the tool and the workflow in Revit. I would also like to be involved in beta testing.

Kristian Edwards

Please keep me informed of developments, we're very interested in testing out a beta version.

Jonathan Rowe

Dale, Jarek, and Kristian: thanks for the encouraging comments and offers to beta test RTEI. Once it's ready for external audiences, I'll keep you in mind.

As a follow-up: how does your firm currently quanitfy embodied impacts? What's the hardest part about it from your point of view?

Robert Szudzik

Let me know....

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