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How we can change the components family code as per our requirement?
When adding a new components to catalog list, we can add pin list values to that components. After that again the catalog items selected the pin list values are nil. How we can save the pin list values permanently to that component?

Please help us on the above two problems.


Pat Murnen

Rajesh, I posted an answer regarding the family names in the discussion group where you originally asked the question -

It looks like your other post regarding pin list was answered at -

Pat Murnen

Joseph Hoffman

Hi! Is there a good listing somewhere of all of the autocad electrical commands and their input parameters?

Pat Murnen

I guess you mean the API commands? You can find the API Help on the Help drop-down menu under Additional Resources. The Help shows all the commands and any parameters.


Awesome post!!! I've been wondering if there was something simple like this! A standard set of drawings has the color for layer 0 as red, its driving me nuts!


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