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Or, you can just draw the graphics you need in the sheet you're in, to get the size correct, and select these entities in the first dialog of the symbol builder.

Jared Bunch

Thank you for the comment! That is a great point and another excellent example of how users can achieve this goal.
-Jared Bunch

khaled salah

Sorry to say to you that you need a proper training for ACADE because this tool is very goo and it is testing your block mistakes . if you want help to build a symbol very fast and accurate please send me mail. to solve this problem you have to check your drawing units .


I do what THL posted, and have my grid turned on for reference too.

Phil Buccieri

Thanks Jared, that really does help. But why is it that after I save the block by closing the block editor and being sure the insertion point is 0, 0, 0, and after the "Do you want to insert the block now?" prompt, the new block is way out of the drawing frame and I have to cross window the entire model area to see the new block found as a flyspeck image way to the northeast of the model view?


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